embrace complexity in digital communications

about us

We live in a world that is increasingly interconnected, interdependent and therefore, progressively complex.

The continuous and rapid communications flow and interaction between billions of humans facilitated by current technological advances and media distribution methods, gives rise to emergent collective behaviors that are fundamentally different from those of individuals when understood separately. These behaviors are generally unpredictable and exhibit extreme inequality. [...]

what we do

Intrinsic to the depth of the changes in the communications landscape should be the recognition that in complex societies, companies may well not hold all the answers and outside assistance will need to be sought. We aim to provide guidance in the following areas:

Shared Value Builiding

Today companies are caught in a vicious circle: they are widely thought to be prospering at the expense of their communities and the environment and therefore criticized as a major cause of [...]

Corporate Engagement

The rise of digital media and social media has brought an explosion of new participants with a voice in the public sphere–communications that are easily accessible to everyone. [...]

Senior Executive Training

Today’s demanding communications environment is chaotic, largely unexplored, and fraught with risk. Executives have a limited opportunity to devote time and energy to [...]

Crisis Management

The Internet altered the media landscape; the rise of 24 hours news, social media and smartphone technology means that news of problems can spread swiftly at any hour of the day. [...]

Media and Information Operations

As communications shifts from a one to may process to a many to many process of mass self communication [...]

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